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Pullau Begum Bahar
Special rice cooked with lamb, chicken, shrimp and mixture of
freshly ground spices, almonds and raisins.
Lamb Pullau
Long grain basmati rice cooked with juicy lamb and delicately spiced.
Vegetable Biryani
Saffron rice blended with garden fresh vegetables and nuts.
Goat Biryani
Done just right the mogul way, basmati rice cooked with juicy
pieces of goat (bone in).
Shahjehani Biryani
A classic dish cooked with chicken, nuts and raisins with saffron flavored rice .
Shrimp Pullau
Long grain rice cooked with shrimp, saffron and seasoning.
Pullau Rice
Basmati Rice cooked with few select spices.